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JNC's vision is to bridge the disparities and imbalances in the capital markets and return to the essence of value investing. JNC aims to be a discoverer of securities value and a creator of securities liquidity. Based on this vision, JNC has established a closed-loop system in securities valuation, risk and return matching, investor education, and capital market liquidity. 

Businesses need appropriate opportunities and financial support to grow rapidly. Initiating new ventures or expanding existing ones requires a reliable development outlook and financing channels. JNC's services encompass investment banking, online brokerage, and securities exchanges, providing comprehensive financial advisory, underwriting, and securities trading services to businesses. These services assist enterprises in financing, investment, and comprehensive market value management. One of the key factors investors need to consider when making investment decisions is the potential investment returns that securities can offer. Investors allocate risk-free securities and risky securities products based on their risk tolerance and investment objectives. JNC excels in investor education and investment advisory services, offering unique advantages through online and offline investor education courses, specialised roadshows, and investment advisory services provided by its online brokerage. These initiatives help investors mitigate risks and enhance investment returns. The combination of online and offline services by the online brokerage creates an excellent approach and method for investor asset allocation and risk identification and prevention.

JNC's business chain is as follows: investment banks provide financial advisory services to enterprises, assist them in financing and investment, and help investors exit capital. The securities products created by investment banks are underwritten by internet brokers. Internet brokers promote these securities products to registered users and other institutional investors, encouraging them to subscribe to the securities. According to ASIC regulations, the funds raised can be traded on JNC's stock exchange.

The Team

Company board member


​Jonathan  Zhang

Chairman of the Board and CEO

Jonathan Cheung是公司董事局主席,执行董事,JNC公司创始人,毕业于中国人民大学,金融学本科学历;曾就职于美国第一资本金融公司;美国巴雷特资本有限公司。现任JNC董事局主席,执行董事。擅长宏观经济分析,资产定价和资产证券化。多年来致力于中国和澳洲资本市场的研究和开拓,熟悉中国和澳洲的资本市场。著有《你的痛我也有感受- -普及版经济学》和《投资银行学教程》等书。

Jonathan 熟悉澳洲和香港资本市场,做过几家香港交易所上市公司并购重组,借壳上市、上市公司再融资以及非上市公司破产重组案例。

Jonathan Cheung

Chairman of the Board and CEO

Mr Cheung is the chairman and executive director of the company's board of directors. Mr Cheung is the founder of Jonathan Nina & Co Capital Ltd (also known as JNC). He holds a bachelor of finance from Renmin University of China. He previously worked for Capital One Financial Corporation, Barrett Capital Corporation, Ltd. and Deutsche Bank Beijing Representative Office.  He is recognised by his expertise in macroeconomic analysis, asset pricing and asset securitisation. Over the years, he has devoted himself to the research and development of China and Australia's capital markets. He has authored books including "I Feel Your Pain-Universal Economics" and "Investment Banking Course”.

Mr Cheung is familiar with Australian and Hong Kong capital markets and has completed several mergers and acquisitions of listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, backdoor listing, refinancing of listed companies and reorganisation bankruptcy of private companies.



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